Battle of the Yveltal's

Battle of the Yveltal's

We can see the similarities between the 3 Yveltal cards, all 3 are Dark Pokemon, weak to electric, and resistant to Fighting. They also have 2 retreat cost, and 130HP.

Oblivion Wing
Attack cost = 1 Dark energy, Attacks for 30, and attach a dark energy from your discard to 1 of your benched Pokemon. This is a very good attack for energy acceleration, especially for Darkrai EX and Yveltal EX. It has a meager attack damage, but the added benefit of attaching energy from the discard pile, will help by conserving energy (not having to have an extraordinary amount clogging the deck) and boosting your energy attachments for your benched Pokemon.
Darkness Blade
2 Dark, 1 Colorless, Attacks for 100, you have to flip a coin, if tails you can’t attack next turn with this Pokemon. It’s a good attack for a non EX, non-evolution Pokemon, the only downside is that a coin flip of Tails and you have to find another way to attack next turn. Either a Pokemon Ranger or a retreat/switch are a few choices to bypass it.

Fright Night
Ability: As long as this Pokemon is your Active Pokemon, each Pokemon Tool card in play has no effect. It is one of the most effective Abilities in the standard game right now, with very few ways to discard Pokemon Tools, a great way to disrupt your opponent is to negate them. Spirit Links, Bursting Ballons, Fighting Fury Belts, and others become a non-issue for you, and cause a big headache for your opponent.

Pitch Black Spear
1 Dark, 2 Colorless, Attacks for 60 and can hit a Benched Pokemon EX for 60. A nasty attack if your opponent plays a lot of EX’s (especially Shaymins). In 2 attacks, you are doing 120 damage to the active and 120 damage to the bench (enough to knock out Shaymin EX and Manaphy EX). This is a controlling attack, it keeps your opponent from doing what they want to do. It disrupts playing low HP EX’s or they take the chance of giving up 2 easy prizes.

Air Crash
1 Dark, 2 Colorless, Attacks for 50, Flip a coin, if heads discard an energy attached to your Opponent’s Active Pokemon. This Yveltal is rarely used and with a high attack cost with midrange damage, it fairly obvious as to why it doesn’t see play. The energy discard is the only shining point of the card as the second attack relies on your opponent playing 2 specific cards.
Wings of Destruction
2 Dark, 2 Colorless, Attacks for 80+, if your Opponent has Xerneas, or Xerneas EX in play, this attack does 40 more damage. 4 energy to attack for a maximum of 120 damage. It seems like a high cost and reliant on your opponent playing Xerneas, the odds of them playing Xerneas EX are slim to none.

This isn’t a clear cut decision, but Air Crash Yveltal definitely should sit pretty in your binder. The other 2 cards, are dependent on what strategy you are trying to play. Energy acceleration would rely on Oblivion Wing Yveltal, and works great in a Darkrai Turbo deck. If you are trying to disrupt your opponent, and you run into a lot of EX heavy decks, Fright Night Yveltal would work better. My personal choice is Fright Night, I love disrupting my opponent, and almost every deck has some type of Pokemon Tool.

Tom Alguire
The Frugal Dutchman

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