Mewtwo EX Vs. Mewtwo EX

Mewtwo EX Vs. Mewtwo EX

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Christian Kentie here, owner of The Frugal Dutchman. I wanted to make a quick introduction today of our newest blog contributor on the Pokeblog, Thomas Alguire. Tom is a pokemon TCG player and poke-enthusiast of all sorts. He operates the tournament program at Highland Hobby in Derby New York, and is a fellow advocate for Pokemon for the whole family. In a separate Blog I will write about the importance of including your whole family in Pokemon but today I want to introduce Tom's new weekly blog segment called "Vs". Every week on the Vs blog, Tom will take 2 highly competitive cards in current play format and pit them against each other, ultimately awarding an edge to one of them. The point here is to help deck builders to identify the strengths and weaknesses of different cards and maybe shed light on battle situations that maybe you hadn't thought of. please if you have any comments on the blog you can contact us at The Frugal Dutchman by email Send us your comments, inquiries, or even matchups you would like us to cover. Now without any more beating around the bush. please enjoy the first installment of Vs. 


The Battle of the Mewtwos
Odds are, you’ve seen both these cards and wondered what the difference is. I’ve been curious as to why “damage change mewtwo” is always favored in a Mega Mewtwo deck. Let’s take an look at the similarities and differences and see which Mewtwo is really better.

We can already see that both cards are Psychic type Pokemon with a Psychic weakness and have no resistance. Both cards also have the same HP and the same retreat cost.

The attacks of each Mewtwo vary in range of damage and effects. The cards shall be referred to as “damage change” and “photon wave” Mewtwo.

Photon Wave Mewtwo

Photon Wave
I think this a very underrated attack, it attacks for 30 damage and next turn, reduces the damage Mewtwo takes by 30 before applying weakness and resistance. It takes 2 colorless energy to attack so it can be splashed into any deck and can attack in one turn with a double colorless attachment. With the additional help of a pokemon tool or a stadium, you might not take any damage from your opponents attack.

It’s a pretty straightforward attack, 4 energy to do 120 damage. Without any energy acceleration, it will take a minimum of 3 turns to attack. I feel it’s a tad weak for 4 energy, as it will take 2 attacks with it to knock out any EX or Mega EX.

Damage Change Mewtwo

Scatter Shot
It takes 1 Psychic energy to attack for 30 damage, 2 Psychic energy to attack for 60 and so on. When compared to Psyburn’s damage output, for the same 4 energy, you will have done 180 damage compared to 120 from Psyburn, and have had the possibility to have knocked out a non-ex Pokemon by 2nd turn of attacking.

Damage Change
This is an interesting attack, when used right, you have the possibility of healing all damage off of Mewtwo, and gives you the chance of knocking out a Pokemon at the same time. It’s an attack that is not always the best choice, as it could have worse effects to your strategy.

So to sum up, I have to award this week's edge to Photon Wave Mewtwo. I know that the popular vote would normally go the other direction but damage change offers no consistency over any length of time, giving photon wave a distinct advantage especially for tournament play.

Thomas Alguire
Pokemon Blogger

The Frugal Dutchman

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