Top Cards From Sun & Moon

Top Cards From Sun & Moon

With the release of Sun and Moon later this week, and coming off the Pre-release, I’ll take a look at some of the more popular cards from the set. This set introduces some new Pokemon, new Trainers, the return of the Burn condition and the new GX attacks. We lose the EX’s and Break Pokemon we have come to know and love and return to evolving into more powerful and bulkier tanks. Before this set, the most HP EX’s had was 240, now we are reaching 250HP, with attacks that can be game changers. This set also has 14 Secret Rares, which kind of seems absurd for one set. From a collector’s standpoint, it almost seems like a nightmare.

Professor Kukui

Kukui is an enhanced Giovanni’s Scheme, you get to do 20 extra damage and draw 2 cards, it can definitely make some decks hit the magic numbers, and add draw support to decks that need it but don’t want to N or Sycamore. I can see a few Meta decks incorporating this.

Nest Ball

Another Pokeball card that can search for a basic and puts it onto your bench, although it can’t be used with a Shaymin or Hoopa combo, it can definitely pull out a clutch Pokemon. It will cater to certain decks and see no use in most Meta decks.


This a Pokemon that can be splashed into any deck, but I have a feeling it can shine on its own in a Dragonite deck, the one from Roaring Skies with the Theta Plus, or in any Dragon deck that requires energy of different types (hint, hint: Mega Rayquaza dragon)


This card has gotten a lot of hype, being its own deck with Mew or Mew EX, very few Sun and Moon cards, I personally don’t see it doing that well, especially being weak to Psychic (Mega Mewtwo) It will definitely be a fun deck to play and can do some damage to Darkrai decks. 


Any Pokemon that can one shot Volcanion EX for 1 energy, is definitely a scary card. Although you have to discard 2 energy from your hand, it’s not impossible. Cards like Starmie from Evolutions, Fisherman, and Professor’s Letter can easily find you energy. With Golduck Break still able to be played in Standard, I can definitely see this being played.

Lurantis GX

I’m not sure I’m a fan of GX’s yet, but this one caught my attention. At only 210 HP, it’s not a tank like the other GX’s but it’s still around a Mega Evolution range HP. 2 attacks plus the GX attack, gives you the option to attach energies from the discard pile, or heal damage off. The GX attack can be devastating with 4 energies, you are doing 200 damage. It can be used on its own or in a Vileplume lockdown deck or an Ariados poison deck. My only concern, and this goes with Decidueye GX as well, is the popularity of Volcanion EX decks lately, one or two steam ups and a baby Volcanion can do some major damage to you. 

Decidueye GX

With the Forest of Giant Plants, this can be out turn 1, putting 2 damage counters on one of your opponents Pokemon. Razor Leaf is a fairly weak attack for 90 damage, especially costing 3 energy. Hollow Hunt will pull and 3 cards out of your discard pile into your hand, making it a late game clutch attack. Even if your opponent N’s you, they still go back into your deck, the only thing to worry about would be a Delinquent next turn if you have a small hand. I can see Latios making a return with this card, and it being used in Grass decks. 

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Tom Alguire
The Frugal Dutchman


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