Pokemon Team Challenge

With Pokemon Organized Play on suspension due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. TPCi, Tournament Center, and RK9 Labs have teamed up to offer the Team Challenge Tournament Series. 

The Team Challenge is designed to allow Pokefans to keep their game in tune in the midst of the OP suspension. 

The Frugal Dutchman is proud to be a part of this awesome experience by entering a team of our own. Our team has seen great success so far in the Spring Team Challenge Series making it to the round of 256(as of mar 31) and is hoping to continue their way to overall victory. 

In order to qualify for our summer series team you will need to reign victorious in one of the 4 Qualifier Tournaments. Winners of these 4 Qualifiers are added to our team roster and will proceed to compete in the playoffs as a member of The Frugal Dutchman Team. 

Each Qualifier will award players with free in game codes for the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online just for participating as well as even more digital prizes for placing in the top cut of each event. 

We would like to formally invite all Canadian players ages 16+ to join us for this great event series the first series has been loads of fun and we are planning on taking the summer series to a whole new level of awesome. 

All event for the Pokemon Team Challenge are played using the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online and players will be awarded in digital codes for the online game.

Below you will find links to help you get registered and ready to play.

Pokemon TCGO

Tournament Center Registration

TFD Qualifier #1(April 17th)

TFD Qualifier #2(May 1st)

TFD Qualifier #3(May 15th)

TFD Qualifier #4(May 29th)

Please feel free to email or contact our store with any questions you may have.