Archie's Madhouse #14

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Cover pencils by Bob White. "If Teen-Agers Formed a Union!", pencils by Bob White; What would happen if a teen union was allowed to bargain on use of the family phone, allowances, the TV set, the family car, homework, emergencies, movies, government, chores, and prices. "If Girls Played Baseball," pencils by Bob White. "Teen-Age Credit Card," art by Orlando Busino; What would happen if teenagers had a different credit card for each of their activities (including a card for comic books). "Monster Mask," art by Orlando Busino; Directions for making a monster mask from the drawing printed across the centerfold; Instructions on how to make Frankenstein monster shoes. "The Discovery of Girls - Mr. Weatherbee Presents Great Moments in History"; How life was without girls and how Sturdley Flemsch discovered them when castaway on a remote tropical island. Ads for Betty and Veronica Summer Fun, Archie Giant Series Magazines. 36 pgs., full color. $0.10. Cover price $0.10.