Life With Archie #19

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Cover art by Bob White. Book-length story in four chapters: "Rockets Away," "Enter Gussie," "The Search Begins" and "A Slap-Happy Ending," script by Sy Reit, art by Bob White; When Dilton creates a special fuel for the school rocket, Jughead adds some random chemicals to it, and the new formula causes the rocket to literally go into orbit; Dilton and Jughead work to find out what he added to the formula, and when they write down the secret ingredients, they're confronted by international spies who want to steal this amazing new rocket fuel; To keep the spies from getting it, Jughead throws the formula out the window and it's eaten by the school mascot, Gussie the Goat, who is promptly kidnapped by the spies and taken to their hideout; It's up to Archie, Jughead and Dilton to save Gussie and the formula. Dues n' Don'ts one-pager starring Li'l Jinx, script and art by Joe Edwards. 36 pgs. $0.12. Cover price $0.12.