Dark Horse Presents #13

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Cover pencils by Michael Ebert, inks by Art Nichols. Babes 'n Arms (Part 1), script by Jon Lee, pencils by Michael Ebert, inks by Robert Caracol; A giant robot attacks Honolulu; It's design is recognized by a young woman, Toschi, as one of her father's over at Kobe-Okada Aerodynamics. Masque (Part 4), script and art by Mark Badger; The C.I.A. continues to pursue Albert Montoya but is continually foiled by a Skull-masked, gun toting figure. Captain Crusader (Chapter I), script and art by Gary Martin; A New York superhero aficionado emulates what he loves from the comic book pages on the streets of the city; He dresses up in a bright costume and helps people in distress as Captain Crusader. 36 pgs., B&W. $1.75. Cover price $1.75.