Catching Fire Puzzle Building Game

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The game components are the (700) pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece has one of five symbols embossed on it. Solid-color pieces may be able to fit in more than one position in the puzzle, but other pieces will only have one valid position.

The players are all working to assemble the puzzle; using the main set of rules, one player plays for a minute at a time, with the others using this time to select pieces from the box. There are also "scramble" rules in which all players can select pieces and play them as they wish.

Regardless of the rules used, players score points for playing pieces, with more points being awarded for playing more pieces and for playing rows of three pieces with the same symbol or squares of pieces with four different symbols. Points are also awarded for correcting misplaced pieces.

Players can play for a given amount of time or until someone reaches a given score (or until the puzzle is finished).