Supermen of America #1

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Comes with membership kit. $4.95 cover priced edition. Superman's non-stop battle against injustice has an unexpected effect in this extra-sized special! Who ARE the Supermen of America? A group of some of the most cynical, jaded youths to ever slack off in Metropolis, who have become so inspired by the Man of Steel's efforts that they have united to follow his example, fighting crime, organizing other Metropolis youths into roving patrols and protecting the city from the ravages of crime. But there's another factor in their decision to take to the streets, a shocking crime that strikes at the very hearts of these otherwise disaffected and disenfranchised young people. Written by Stuart Immonen. Art by Norm Breyfogle, Sean Phillips, Humberto Ramos, Chuck Wojtkiewicz, Ron Lim, Ethan Van Sciver and various. Cover by Dave Gibbons. FC, 64 pg. Cover price $4.95.