Dungeon Scroll

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A dangerous, perplexing word game and dungeon delve where only those with the quickest wit and largest vocabulary survive. As sorcerers of the mystical art of Word Weaving, you and several other treasure hunters will descend into the Tomb of the Forgotten Consonant and quest for the Syllabus of the Lost Syllable. When the journey is complete, only the most heroic word smith will walk away with the win.

Dungeon Scroll is a word game where players spell words (cast spells) to meet specific word challenges (dungeon encounters)to score points (gain gold).

A layered dungeon of 9 cards is formed by randomly selecting cards from the Entrance (x1), 1st Floor (x3), 2nd Floor(x3), Dungeon Boss(x1) and Final Room (x1) dungeon cards and combining them into a face down stack. Each turn the top card will be flipped (starting with the Entrance) and players will face the specific encounter on the card. Thematically it could be anything from a Skeleton or Pit Trap to a Travelling Merchant.

Players each have a hand of letter cards from which they will spell words with different points values (letters are worth varying points and some cards provide multiplication bonuses). If the encounter is a "combat" encounter, typically the player that can play the highest point word will win the encounter and claim the highest gold reward on the dungeon card, with other players claiming the second and third reward - however that is not always true as each dungeon challenge provides twists and turns; to the sorts of words that can be played. Other "Special" encounters might allow such actions as players to sell their letter cards for gold.

The player with the most gold at the end of the game wins.