Foretold: Fatesworn Expansion

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Fatesworn is an expansion to Foretold: Rise of a God in which players take on the role of a deity who gathers followers, builds a temple and then smites rival gods. Foretold is a deck-building game with a tower defense element. During the game you may purchase cards or tiles from the Marketplace to grow your followers and your temple. Players may raid a rivals temple and if they get past defenses, roll a mighty smite die to deal damage. You win the game if you build a full set of 4 aligned Fate Relics or your rivals life points drop to zero.

Fatesworn features a number of new and exciting additions toForetold: Rise of a God including cards that count as having every Fate alignment type and powerful new relics. It adds a new game mechanism called Decree. While a card with Decree is in the Marketplace, its Decree ability is active and affects game play.