Unfair Amusement Park Game

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Building an amusement park has some ups and downs, especially when there’s competition in town. In Unfair, players will realize their dreams of opening their own theme park, but often, dreams turn to nightmares.

Over the course of eight rounds, players will draft cards to construct rides and attractions based on multiple themes, decking them out with upgrades. Staff members will help attract customers, and if all else fails, you can go looking for spare change. It’s a tough business though, and before long, City Inspectors, Vandalism, and Lawsuits might make them realize that life is Unfair!

- From the Ground Up: Players start off with a simple main gate in their park, but before long their tableau will shape with attractions, rides and staff members
- Government Problems: Each round, City cards will affect everyone at the table. Somteimes it's a positive effect, but more often than not its something that's going to hurt

- Clever Design: Everything from the card layout, to the iconography, to the board itself was carefully considered, so players can maximize their time spent scheming

354 cards
1 double-sided game board
84 coin tokens
1 roller coaster miniature
1 current step token
1 starting player token
2 six-sided dice
5 player reference sheets
1 score pad and pencil
1 pencil

Players: 2-5
Ages: 14+
Playtime: 60-90 min