Deck Synergy & Techs

Deck Synergy & Techs

When building a deck, I try to focus on consistency. Setting up quick is essential to winning, but still having resources late game can be the difference between stalling out and winning. I've seen a lot of times where a late game VS Seeker or Lysandre either won me a game, or was the reason I lost. But how does that have anything to do with synergy? When you add techs in (cards to counter a certain decks) it can throw off the consistency of a deck. 

 Good Tech cards 

Hex Maniac

With the rise of Volcanion, this card was a good counter if you didn't have Garbodor. Now with Vileplume making a comeback, and Decidueye wrecking havoc lately, this card is essential to have in. 




Being item locked and having no way to switch your active, this card could be a major lifesaver 




Extra Lysandre

There are times I wished I had an extra chance to switch my opponent's active Pokemon 




Oricorio (56)

This is a weird tech as most people will play it to counter Night March or Vespiquen (or Gyrados), but it can knock out some weaker Pokemon if your opponent doesn’t prepare for it 



Rayquaza (Guardians Rising)

For a double colorless, you can attack for 30, attach 2 basic energy to your bench. It's a great energy accelerator for a lot of decks, and it's only a single prize card loss. 



Final thoughts

Every time I see a tech, I wonder if it's the best thing for my deck or if it's going to ruin my consistency. Having too many techs can throw off the synergy of your deck and what you are trying to accomplish, it’s impossible to counter every deck type. I love doing my own thing and having my opponent try to stop what I’m trying to do, but everyone plays their own way. Think of different techs that can help out against your local meta. 

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