Catan League

Catan League:

Each season is played over a span of 10 sessions scheduled bi-weekly Thursdays 8pm-10pm with a final playoff tournament at the end of the season

Current Season:

  1. Oct 20
  2. Nov 3
  3. Nov 17
  4. Dec 1
  5. Dec 15
  6. Jan 12
  7. Jan 26
  8. Feb 9
  9. Feb 23
  10. Mar 9

Tournament Playoff: Mar 30(Starting @ 6pm)

Each week players will be assigned a seat at a table of 3-4 players and will play 1 game of Settlers of Catan, earning as many victory points as they can. The player seating is based on your current standing on the ladder based on overall victory points for the season. Any weeks a player is unable to attend will result in a score of 0 for the week. 

Cost: $100 per player

The Winning Player will be awarded a trophy as well as have their name added to the Catan League Plaque 

Make sure to register prior to season opening to reserve your spot and be eligible to play

You can register by talking to our League Organizer

Christian Kentie: email: or by calling the store for more info at 289-321-0957