Playing Pokemon Online (TCGO)

Playing Pokemon Online (TCGO)

Getting Started

So you buy packs of Pokemon cards and always see that extra card that asks you to play online, but what does it really do? The online game is a great way to play against other people, play against AI opponents and to hone your skills as a Pokemon TCG player. It’s a great way for beginners to learn the basics of playing and you can play for free.  Let’s take a look at what is offered in the online game. 

Redeeming Codes

Every pack you get from Black and White to Sun and Moon comes with an online code to redeem online. You can manually enter them, or use the QR reader. There are apps that email the codes for easier input.


You can earn tickets by battling in Versus mode, each battle will give you tokens and the chance at a special prize if you win, like tickets. Tickets are redeemed for Events, usually costing about 8 per tournament 


Tokens are earned by battling in Versus mode, you get more for winning than losing. Tokens can be redeemed for packs, deck boxes and specific cards. The online shop changes from time to time, so if you see something you like, you may want to buy it before it’s no longer available 


There is a special icon that lets you trade your items/cards/packs for other items/cards/packs. There is public trades and private ones, so you can trade with a friend. The search function really helps when you are on the hunt for that one card to finish off a deck

Deck Building

Not a great deck builder? That’s okay! The online game has a deck builder that will get you started. It gives you a basic deck and you can base it around a type or a certain Pokemon that you have. You also have the option to build a Standard, Expanded, Legacy, or Unlimited deck. The program will always tell you what type of deck you have and if it has 60 cards. You can also have special sleeves, a deck box and a coin when completing your deck. Those are either earned in Challenges, redeemed in codes, or bought in the online store. 


Trainer Challenge

Each Pokemon type has a challenge level and they start at Level 0, until you complete a certain amount of Challenges for each type. Each day you are given 1 challenge and it stays up until you complete it. The higher your level, the more challenges per day you can accomplish. 

The Versus Ladder

For a certain amount of time, every time you battle you get points on a ladder. Each time you reach a certain point, you get a prize. Prizes can be single cards, packs, EX’s, mystery chests, and tokens.


These are tournaments that cost tickets or tokens to enter. There is usually Legacy, Theme Deck, Standard and Expanded. It’s usually 3 rounds with 8 players, single elimination. Prizes are usually packs and I believe it’s top 4 that get better prizes. 

There is a lot to the online game besides what I went over, you have Avatars, the ability to check your statistics, view your collection and create a friends list. It’s free to play and you can test decks out before you head over to your local tournament. 

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