Theme Deck Throwdown

Theme Deck Throwdown

We get a few new cards from guardians rising to boost metal, psychic and water. But let’s focus on the theme decks that you can buy.

In these theme decks you get 7 rares, one of them is a holo. It seems that this is the most I’ve seen a theme deck have, most only have 5, at best 6.

Steel Sun comes with


1× Solgaleo, 1× Solgaleo, 2× Cosmoem, 3× Cosmog, 2× Metang, 2× Beldum, 1× Slowbro, 2× Slowpoke, 1× Dhelmise, 1× Oricorio, 2× Bewear, 2× Stufful, 1× Swellow, 2× Taillow, 1× Castform,


2× Altar of the Sunne, 1× Big Malasada, 1× Energy Retrieval, 3× Hau, 2× Nest Ball, 2× Professor Kukui,
1× Rescue Stretcher, 2× Switch, 2× Timer Ball


12× Metal Energy, 8× Psychic Energy.

The Rundown

Let’s take a look at some of the best cards in this theme deck.

Dhelmise is a psychic Pokemon that boosts the attack of your metal Pokemon by 10, making Solgaleo even stronger. It has an attack for 3 energy that does 70 damage and prevents the defending Pokemon from retreating. 

Solgaleo is a beast for a non GX pokemon. 160 HP, not too bad for a stage 2. 2 energy to do 50 damage to any one of your opponent’s Pokemon. 

Fangs of the Sunne, 3 energy to do 170 and you can't use it next turn. 

Alter of the Sun Fire and Metal Pokemon have no weakness. A very powerful card for both types. 

Hidden Moon comes with


2x Lunala 2x Cosmoem, 3x Cosmog, 2x Gothorita, 2x Gothita, 1x Mimikyu, 1x Oricorio (Sensu Style, the purple Ghost), 1x Salazzle, 2x Salandit, 1x Lampent, 2x Litwick,
2x Bewear, 3x Stufful,


1x Altar of the Moone, 1x Energy Loto, 1x Energy Retrieval, 3x Hau, 2x Nest Ball, 1x Potion, 2x Professor Kukui, 1x Rescue Stretcher, 2x Switch, 2x Timer Ball,


12x Psychic Energy, and 8x Fire Energy

The Rundown

Let’s take a look at some of the best cards of this starter deck.

Lunala 160 HP is the same as Solgaleo, a good stage 2 hp. Scatter Shot bumps up Mewtwo EX's to a whopping 40 damage per psychic energy. Wings of the moon costs 3 psychic energy to do 130 damage and moves all energy to your bench in any way you like. 

Salazzle When you evolve into Salazzle from your hand, you can leave your opponent's active Pokemon burned and poisoned. It can definitely come in handy as it forces your opponent to burn resources to either switch or heal. 

Mimikyu For now, we have Shaymin ex to accelerate card draw, but there will be a time when it rotates out and card draw will be needed. An added bonus is Mimikyu copies any non GX attack used by your opponent last turn 

Oricorio This is the answer to night March and Vespiquen decks. It does damage for every Pokemon in your opponent's discard pile and you choose how to place the damage counters.

Alter of the Moon It bumps down retreat cost by 2 to any Pokemon that have Psychic or dark energy. 

Have a great week and be sure to check out the Live stream of The Guardians Rising Theme Deck Challenge, May 9th taking place at The Frugal Dutchman. If you are local to Niagara and want to participate in this event contact Christian ASAP at or call the store at 289-321-0957 and reserve your space ahead of time as space is limited. for more info on this event Click Here to see the upcoming tournaments section of our website.

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