Top 5 Tool Cards

Top 5 Tool Cards

Top 5 Tool Cards
All hail the end of Xerosic and Startling Megaphone, Standard now have very little tool removal cards and now we have the rise of a new era in Pokemon(until Sun/ Moon is legal in 4 weeks) The Rise of the Mega decks and tool attachments, in the foreseeable future, there are no cards that easily remove tools. I thought I would take a look at the top Tool cards(that are not Spirit Links) that are going to make an impact on competitive play.


Fighting Fury Belt
Adding 40 HP to a Basic Pokemon and doing 10 more damage to the Active Pokemon. This is a win/win, you are adding HP and doing more damage, with the only problem being it has to be attached to a Basic Pokemon. Overall it makes low HP Pokemon semi-playable, and can be an interesting combo with Gyrados and putting fury belts on Magikarps to help them survive with more than 30HP. It is a great card in a Volcanion/ Darkrai/ Yveltal Decks.

Float Stone
Who doesn’t love free retreat, especially when some of the bulkier Pokemon have a high retreat cost? It is also a valuable tool in a Garbador deck. It also works great with Zoroark (Stand In Ability) for a free switch, similar to the Keldeo Combo.

Bursting Balloon
A tool that makes your opponent think twice about attacking, 60 damage is pretty painful and could be a knockout or a next turn knockout. There are ways around it, discard the tool, not attacking (place damage counters) and Lysandre. Always great in a Greninja or Mega Alakazam deck.

EXP Share
Normally I wouldn’t put this in a deck, but conserving energy, especially in heavy energy decks like Gardevoir/ Xerneas/ Darkrai, saving one energy could be the difference in knocking out a Defending Pokemon and having it survive one turn.

Bent Spoon
A lot of Pokemon have secondary effects on their attacks besides damage and this card could mean the difference between being Alseep, Paralyzed, energy discarded, cheap knockout (jirachi, gengar)


Since there is tool removal, Tool cards are a little harder to keep attached and pack more of a punch in Expanded. This is a short list of my favorite Tools in Expanded.

Muscle Band
Adding 20 more damage to your attacks is an amazing thing, it could mean the difference between a Knockout and your opponent surviving.

Rescue Scarf
This was an interesting combo, it could save your evolution line, or a Pokemon you care dearly about(attach to shaymin, then play it next turn for cards)

Life Dew
Who doesn’t like denying your opponent prize cards? Too bad it’s an ACE SPEC(unless your opponent is using it)

Focus Sash
I love using this in my Fighting decks, it has saved me from Night March a few times, no one likes being knocked out in one attack.

Rock Guard
The precursor to Bursting Balloon, having this on, makes your opponent think twice about attacking, 60 damage and it stays on until your Pokemon is knocked out, or the tool is discarded. It can be very painful to attack, knowing it stays on.

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