Trainers and making your deck flow: Energy Edition

Trainers and making your deck flow: Energy Edition

Have you ever had that moment, when you are stalled out, praying the next card you get will change the course of the game? That sinking ship feeling, where each turn is another nail in the coffin on your chances of winning. No energy, no bench, or some other dismal scenario. Don’t despair, there are lots of trainer cards out there that can fix this problem. 

When we build a deck, the first thing that comes to mind is the Pokemon we will use. Energy and draw support are usually the last things that come to mind. Be wary of your Pokemon’s energy usage, the energy needed to attack. When certain Pokemon need 3 or 4 energy to attack, each turn you are allowed to attach one energy, that’s 3 or 4 turns you need before you can attack with energy acceleration. Trainers such as max elixir and mega turbo can accelerate basics and mega evolutions respectively. 

Attaching Energy

Max Elixir and Mega Turbo
A Primal Groudon deck is helped with the addition of both those cards. Even just putting 2 of each boosts yo
ur odds of attacking 2nd turn enormously. By turn 2, you have the chance of putting 3-4 energy on Groudon if he is on your bench, with max elixirs. Then if you can Mega evolve, you can use Mega Turbos to attach energy from your discard pile. A term used often when using max elixir is “whiffing” by definition is missing your energy in those 6 cards. It happens, the way to reduce it, make sure you have sufficient energy in your deck.                   




There are also Pokemon that can accelerate energy attachment, such as Yveltal (XY), Volcanion (Steam Siege), even Togekiss (Roaring Skies) can add an energy or 2 to your benched Pokemon. In the new Sun and Moon set, we have acceleration from Solgaleo GX and Lurantis GX.

Finding and Getting Energy

Another set of cards that help with energy are “Energy Retrieval”, “Fisherman” and “Professor’s Letter”. One will find those cards will help in specific situations, either pulling energy from the discard pile or from the deck. There are other trainers that will be more tuned for certain decks and what you are trying to do, but these are basic ideas that most trainers don’t realize when constructing their decks



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