Top 5 Underrated Cards in Standard Format

Top 5 Underrated Cards in Standard Format

Okay so technically I've listed 6 but don't knitpick so much. This week we are talking about the top 5 underrated and potentially game changing cards in standard format right now. Try tech swapping these seriously dangerous and possibly unexpected cards into your deck to take your game to the next level. 



With the resurgence of Vileplume in recent major tournaments, being item locked with a Pokemon that has a high retreat cost, is a terrible feeling. Switches, Escape Ropes, and even float stones turn into dead cards. Without a way to turn off abilities, with Garbodor or Hex Maniac, the only card that could be clutch is Olympia. If you can draw into it, you can switch out your active Pokemon and heal 30 damage. It’s also useful as a card that can be in your discard pile and use a VS seeker to reuse it.


Hypno(Sun & Moon)

You don’t see too many decks run Hypno, but I think he could be a good late game clean up attacker, especially combined with Espeon GX or even Decidueye GX, as both of them can place damage counters out. Hypno will hit for 10 more damage for each damage counter on the defending Pokemon.


Delphox & Delphox Break(Fates Collide)

You can also argue that the Break card fits in with Delphox, but the main attack Psystorm is the best late game attacker for a non-EX card since Vespiquen (in Standard). It does 20 damage times the amount of energy attached to ALL Pokemon in play Flare Witch Ability, adding another energy from your deck to any one of your Pokemon, can be clutch late game.

 Pidgeot EX(Evolutions)
Mirror Move, A good combination was to use a rock Pokemon, attach a focus sash, then Ninja Boy into Pidgeot EX and do the damage that would have been done without the focus sash. It doesn’t work in Standard but with a Fighting Fury Belt, Pidgeot EX would have 210 HP, the same as Mega Mewtwo. Even Feather Lance will hit the bench for 20, nothing major but it could add up with the help of another attacker.


Heavy Boots(Breakthrough)

Want to make Solgaleo a little harder to knock out? Add Heavy Boots and it bumps him up to 270 HP and he can’t be confused (by pesky Espeon GX)


Underrated cards have the distinct advantage of having been overlooked by most players, which means that gives you the most powerful tool on the table. The element of surprise! Play test some of these cards on your next local league night and let us know how they worked. you can leave a comment below or find us on facebook and instagram: @frugaldutchman, on twitter @thefrugaldutch, and even now on reddit: frugaldutchman2016, we would love to hear from you!

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