Betty And Me #69

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"Writer's Cramp"; Betty decides to write an article for the newspaper documenting an ordinary day at the beach for Archie but the editor fires Betty and rejects it as fiction. "On the Ball" starrubg Li'l Jinx, script and art by Joe Edwards. "What's the Catch?"; Betty helps Archie with his chores. "Back Lash"; Betty keeps falling down at the roller rink. Untitled story; Archie and Betty go out in a boat to look for messages in a bottle from Veronica. "Pitch Hitch"; Betty gives Archie a target to kiss. Betty answers letters submitted by Archie readers. Betty Puzzle Page. "Volley Folly"; Betty tries to run Archie around on the tennis court so he'll be too tired to take Veronica to a concert. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.25.