Amazing Spider Man #350

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"Doom Service!" Part 2 of 2. Double-Sized issue. Script by David Michelinie. Pencils by Erik Larsen. Inks by Randy Emberlin. Cover by Erik Larsen and Randy Emberlin. At a Long Island resort, the Amazing Spider-Man battles Doctor Doom to protect the Black Fox! Is that a brave decision or a foolhardy one? Unfortunately, it's the latter as the web-slinger limps back home battered, bruised, and concussed! However the aging fox is still alive! But now the weakened wall-crawler has only 24 hours to find the jewel called the dragon's egg...or once more face the deadly wrath of Victor Von Doom! The next day in suburban New Jersey; the Latverian Monarch, the Black Fox, and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man come together again! Does anyone have the dragon's egg? Someone better...or someone will meet their doom! Cameo appearances by Mary Jane Watson and Uncle Ben (hallucination). Flashback cameos by the Avengers and Sandman. Brief retelling of Spider-Man's origin. (Notes: This issue features a farewell art portfolio by Erik Larsen. First pin-up: Spider-Man and Mary Jane by Erik Larsen and John Romita Sr. Second pin-up: Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four by Erik Larson and Joe Sinnott. Third pin-up: Spider-Man and Daredevil by Erik Larsen and Al Williamson. Fourth pin-up: Cardiac, Solo, and Captain Universe by Erik Larsen and Sal Buscema. Fifth pin-up: Spider-Man split image by Erik Larsen and Todd McFarlane. This issue completes Erik Larsen's quality 2-year run as the penciler of the Amazing Spider-Man title. This two-part story was reprinted in 1995 in the trade paperback: Spider-Man vs. Doctor Doom.) 48 pages. Cover price $1.50. Cover price $1.50.