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In the speedy bluffing card game Thieves!, players are crafty crooks making a break for it after a huge heist! You must carefully amass the greatest stash of loot while keeping an eye on the growing police presence -- if a raid is triggered, the player with the most loot at that moment is busted and loses all the loot they are holding! Then the game continues, with more loot and raids on the horizon! Can you escape in the end with the biggest share of loot?

Each round you draw a card and play one from your hand. Will you play a loot card face down in front of yourself, so no one knows what you're holding? Or will you play it face up in front of another player to overload their stash? Police cards and special Thief cards are there to affect the game as well. If a player draws a getaway car, it has to immediately be played on the table, and when a seventh getaway car shows up, the player with the most valuable loot wins the game!

Thieves! is a simple, interactive card game that will captivate both beginners and advanced players!