Chip 'n' Dale #26

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Cover art by Larry Mayer. Quick on the Claw, art by Al Hubbard; Chip 'n' Dale move to the desert to escape the winter and meet Guy Ground Squirrel. The Snow Pirate, art by Jack Bradbury; A mouse on a rigged sled intends to be a pirate, but is foiled by Chip 'n' Dale. The Mysterious Cloud, art by Phil De Lara; Chip 'n' Dale and Dumbo mistake a disguised blimp for a rain cloud. Rapid Rabbit Rescue, art by Jack Bradbury; Chip 'n' Dale keep Brer Fox from eating a family of bunnies, with help from a snow blower driven by Brer Bear. 36 pgs. $0.20. Cover price $0.20.